Honest Movie Trailer Hits Every Point On Why Iron Man 3 Was Just “Meh”

Posted on September 4, 2013 by

Was I a little disappointed with Iron Man 3? After the success of the Avengers, of course I was and this Honest Movie Trailer hits every reason why Iron Man 3 wasn’t up to par. From setting a summer blockbuster around Christmas time (we literally just got past the cold weather when this movie hit theatres. What are you doing, Disney?!) to the lack of Iron Man, this honest trailer just gets me. I mean, I like Robert Downey Jr. just fine (who doesn’t?) but I like a good story better.

Warning: like any Honest Movie Trailer, there are a lot of spoilers. Don’t hit play if you haven’t seen the movie. Or do if you want to. It’s your life.

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