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ANDPOP Perfume Test: It’s Justin Bieber Vs. Taylor Swift Vs. One Direction In The Ultimate Perfume Battle

Posted on September 4, 2013 by

Like any sane person out there, we here at ANDPOP like smelling good. It would explain the bottles of fancy hand sanitizers and vials that may or may not be occupying the corner of a certain editor’s desk. So when we heard that three of our favourite artists were releasing new perfumes, we just had to have them.

We were lucky enough to get Justin Bieber’s The Key, Taylor by Taylor Swift and One Direction’s Our Moment way before the scents arrived in stores. Actually, we were pretty darn thankful especially after we learned that only four samples of One Direction’s Our Moment were sent out in the United Kingdom and there was wait list to just buy a bottle. We also needed Taylor by Taylor Swift and The Key in our lives because who doesn’t want to smell like Taylor and Justin?!

But is the wait, not to mention the money, worth it? ANDPOP hosts Simon Mohos and Caity Babcock, editor Portia Baladad, interns Vanessa and Magdalena, and a few of our other friends of the stuffed toy variety test all three fragrances to see which scent reigns supreme!

The Key by Justin Bieber and Taylor by Taylor Swift are available in stores now. Our Moment by One Direction will be released mid-September in Canada.

Do you have the perfumes? What do you think? Were our noses wrong? Tell us in the comments below or tweet your thoughts to us at @ANDPOP!

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