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The Cast of School of Rock Has a Rockin’ a 10-Year Reunion!

Posted on August 31, 2013 by

Wow…has it already been ten years?!

The cast of School of Rock reunited Thursday night in Austin, Texas and you can bet that they totally ROCKED the house!

Miranda Cosgrove, who got a breakthrough role in the film and later went on to star in iCarly, posted a bunch of adorable reunion pictures on Instagram.

“10-year ‘School of Rock’ reunion! Sooo good to see everyone,” she wrote.

The party included a screening of the film, in which star Jack Black pretends to be a substitute teacher and turns his prep-school students into a rock band. During the reunion, the cast even went to perform the film’s signature song, “School of Rock.”

Cute!  I’ve always wondered what happened to these kids. When I wanted to be a rockstar growing up, I would always watch this movie for inspiration!

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