Black Milk Clothing To Release Harry Potter-Themed Collection

Posted on August 29, 2013 by
Black Milk Hogwarts House Leggings
Black Milk Hogwarts House Leggings

Source: Black Milk on Facebook

 Be still my nerdy heart!

Our favourite nerdy-turned-chic clothes brand, Black Milk Clothing, will soon be releasing a Harry Potter-themed collection which includes leggings, tops and swimsuits.

Black Milk will start selling their Hogwarts-inspired wares on September 10th but have been teasing us with previews on their Facebook page. So far we’ve seen Quidditch tank tops, Death Eaters leggings, a Severus Snape tank, and what might possibly be a Deathly Hallows swimsuit.

While we loved the gift shop at the Harry Potter Studio Tour in London, we definitely wouldn’t mind trading in our simple tees for something more chic and fun. Here’s to hoping we can grab a couple of things before they all sell out!

See more of Black Milk’s Harry Potter line after the jump!

Black Milk Snitch leggings and accessory

Black Milk Snape T-Shirt

Black Milk Ravenclaw Swimsuit

Black Milk Quidditch Tanks

Black Milk Dumbledore Staircase

Black Milk Deathly Hallows Leggings

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