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WATCH NOW: Preview Of Carly Rae Jepsen Covering “Part Of Your World”

Posted on August 27, 2013 by

If I was forced to pick only one favourite Disney movie,  it would be The Little Mermaid because when it came to beautiful, long, flowing red hair, Ariel was my girl. So, if you’re a huge fan like me, you’ll understand just how excited I am for the release of The Little Mermaid Diamond Edition DVD next month. Hooray!

To help celebrate the re-release, Disney has enlisted the help of Canadian singing sensation Carly Rae Jepsen to cover “Part Of Your World” and it’s pretty darn amazing.  So as we wait for the complete video of the tune, here is a little 33-second preview of what we can look forward to. Carly covers the song flawlessly and can even pass as a real life Ariel since she went back to her stunning red hair, which I still wish I had by the way. Sigh.

[Via Buzzworthy]

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