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Ever wonder what your boyfriend would look like with prom hair? Me neither! But for those who are thinking about it now, here are five fabulous but mostly hilarious guys who know how to semi-rock an up do.

1. The Junior Prom

The thing that makes this the most upsetting to look at is the pairing of the moustache and goatee topped with neck hair. A definite no no.

2. The Sass Bun 

There are so many things wrong with this one. The curled strands acting as makeshift bangs. The sassy look he gives as he presents his coif. And the fact that he kind of looks like Pebbles from The Flintstones with this up do.

3. The Hippie Wedding

Braids and beards. Two things that should never be together in a sentence let alone paired together on a person.

2. Mother of the Bride

This do puts a manly twist on matrimony in a way that’s comforting and yet so totally disturbing. But kudos to the serious craftsmanship going on here – hello, fabulous bump on top!

1. The Mormon Prom

This guy is totally rocking this up do. He should by all means incorporate this look into his daily morning routine. 

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