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Ain’t no party like a VMA party! And tomorrow night’s 30th annual MTV Video Music Awards is definitely going to be a party worth watching! Yes, we’re all secretly hoping ‘N Sync will reunite. But let’s be real, half the fun is just watching celebrities throw shade at each other. Check out our favorite celebrity reaction faces from previous VMAs.

10. Britney’s reaction to a not-so-Lady Gaga trying to recreate the famous Britney/Madonna kiss.

9. JT’s “I’m not jealous.” reaction to the famous Britney/Madonna kiss.

8.Slim Shady throwing shadeat Lacey Gaga.

7. Taylor’s before and after reaction to the Kanye interruption…it’s still painful to watch.

6. And of course, Beyonce’s reaction to being the cause of Kanye’s interruption.

5. When Nicki Minaj looked like she was going to cry after winning Best Female Video.

4. Jay-Z’s “I’m gonna be a dad!” reaction when Beyonce announced her pregnancy to the world.

3. Rihanna brushing the dirt off her shoulder before accepting her award for Video of the Year.

2. Rebecca Black’s “Excuse me?” face during an interview.

1. Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey being great sports after wearing the same dress.

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