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The end of 2011 was a busy time for me at school, so naturally I decided that it was the perfect time to start watching five years’ worth of Doctor Who episodes. In case you don’t know what Doctor Who is (and it still grips my heart with sadness to think that there are people in this world who don’t know about the Doctor), it’s a british television that follows a 900 year old Time Lord (a type of alien race) who travels through time and space after his home world is destroyed in the Time War. His vehicle of choice is the TARDIS, which stands for Time And Relative Dimensions In Space. He usually travels with some sort of companion and they get into hijinks wherever the TADIS chooses to land.

Anywho (hee hee hee), back to me in December 2011: after binge watching Doctor Who instead of studying for exams I became a hardcore Who fanatic and was desperate to get my hands on any kind of merchandise. Enter Threadless. This site was a favourite of mine back when I was 16 and constantly on the search for any t-shirt that could be deemed ironic or nerdy, so I thought it would be the perfect place to start in my search. I came across the shirt pretty quickly but was devastated when I saw that it was sold out in every size except for a men’s XL. I know I’m cute, but even I couldn’t make that work.  I put an email alert on it and waited almost 6 months for it to be available, snapping it up immediately when it did.

This is still one of the best Doctor Who shirts I have seen. I love that you have to have seen the show to know what the print is and that it doesn’t say the name of the show anywhere on it (yes, I am a fandom snob). It was definitely worth the $24.95 price tag, which may seem a little high for a t-shirt but to me is worth it for something that you will never see anybody else wearing. And as a t-shirt in general the fit is great; it doesn’t ride up under my arms like ladies’ fit shirts tend to do.

My overall rating?

Price: $24.50 (US)

Shop: Threadless.com

Pros: Fits great, cool pattern, I like the colour

Cons: It’s a little bit long (and I’m tall so that could be a problem for some), and you have to be very careful when washing as the TARDIS prints peel off.

Note: this shirt sells out VERY fast whenever it’s on sale (in fact, guy’s sizes are sold out already), so if you like it don’t hesitate.

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