ANDPOP Exclusive | Go Behind The Scenes As Hedley Records Their New Album “Wild Life”

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The Hedley-sized holes in our hearts will be filled soon enough as the Canadian pop rock band announced the release date for their new upcoming album, Wild Life on Thursday.

While we wait for the album to drop on November 11, check out this ANDPOP behind the scenes exclusive of lead singer Jacob Hoggard, guitarist Dave Rosin, drummer Chris Crippin and bassist Tommy Mac going back to the studio to record their new effort. Make sure to listen carefully as the video also features the band’s spanking new single “Anything”!

The new album will feature songs produced by Hoggard and the band’s longtime friend Brian Howes, who has worked on three of their previous albums (2005’s Hedley, 2009’s The Show Must Go and 2011’s Storm).

“So much of who we are has gone into making this album,” said Hoggard in a statement. “We’re lucky enough to have some very loyal fans, and they’re just as much a part of this as we are. We couldn’t be more excited to share this new music with them.”

Hedley’s new album Wild Life drops November 11. Their new single “Anything” will be available for purchase online on August 27.

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