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Victoria Abraham defines one up and coming artist each week so you can impress your friends with your musical brilliance. This week, she tackles Foxes, a synthpop crooner from the UK.

While Foxes has risen to prominence due to being featured on Zedd’s “Clarity,” it’s her own stuff that makes Foxes stand out from the crowd. The 24-year-old singer and songwriter is ready to take a break from being the beautiful voice on other people’s tracks, and go back to making the music that got her noticed in the first place. Stay tuned for her debut album drop in the near future.

Origins: Southampton, England

Full name: Louisa Rose Allen

Known for: Foxes is known for her soaring and clear vocals.

Used in a sentence: She has the kind of haunting sound that makes you want to strut around your kitchen dramatically clutching at counters and chairs.

File next to: Kimbra, Marina and the Diamonds

Download now: “Beauty Queen”

Five fun facts:
1. Her debut single, “Youth” was featured in Gossip Girl.
2. She has worked with Rudimental and Fall Out Boy.
3. Her mother inspired her stage name after telling Foxes about a dream she had where foxes ran down their street howling.

4. Zedd contacted her over Skype, complimenting her single “Youth” before asking her to feature on “Clarity.”
5. She followed her sister to London when she was 18 but dropped out of music school because she preferred music to studying.

2012 She released her EP Warrior.
2013 She appeared on Zedd’s single “Clairty.”
2013 She released her own single, “Beauty Queen.”

Notable lyrics:

Why are we so obsessed with cutting skin(?) /When the real things in our lives can’t get in/Marching to the same drum/Every single beat’s gone/I can hear the dark days coming/Another generation/Fighting for attention/Can’t you see I’m tired of running?/There’s a house in the forest/Where her days are forgotten/By the lake, she dropped her dreams/And now they’ve sunk to the bottom

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