CoverGirl’s Hunger Games Make-Up Is As Decadent As District 1

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Source: Fashionista

To help promote the newThe Hunger Games: Catching Fire flick, the series has once again reached out to CoverGirl for a glamorous push. The make-up brand has expanded the film tie-in beyond the nail polishes they rolled out for the first movie to a full blown make-up line.

According to Fashionista, the CoverGirl Capitol Collection will include Panem-inspired nail polish, nail decals, mascara, lip gloss and more. The market campaign will also include looks inspired by each district. Just take a look at how beautiful the brand’s take on District 1’s luxury (above) and District 4’s fishing industry is!

Are you worried that these drug store products won’t stack up against more expensive goods? Don’t be! The whole collection was used on Jennifer Lawrence and the rest of the cast in the film. If it can endure The Hunger Games, I’m sure they’ll work just fine during a busy day of school!

The make-up collection is scheduled to be in stores on October 1st, a month and a half before The Hunger Games: Catching Fire hits theatres November 22nd.

Check out more of CoverGirl’s Capitol Collection at work below!

Source: Fashionista

Source: The Mary Sue 

[Via Fashionista & The Mary Sue]

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