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Victoria Abraham defines one up and coming artist each week so you can impress your friends with your musical brilliance. This week, she tackles Sirah, a genre-crossing indie pop-esque rapper from Los Angeles.

Sirah (pronounced Sigh-rah) has the kind of story that gives rappers instant street cred. She has lived in garages and cars, and used Union Station as her home base, preferring to refer to her homelessness as “camping.” But now this Skrillex darling, whose collaborated with the electro king on two songs, is blowing up all over the music scene and not just because white girl rappers are currently all the rage. Her new EP Inhale drops today.

Origins: Long Island, New York

Full name: Sirah One

Known for: She is known for poetic lyricism and a penchant for small and intimate shows.

Used in a sentence: Sirah’s genre-hopping style makes for a lovely listening experience.

File next to: Sofi

Download now: “Up & Down”

Five fun facts:
1. Her name “Sirah” means journey or the sum total of experiences that make up every individual.
2. She is currently on tour with Icona Pop.
3. Joni Mitchel, Jewel, Big Pun and Erykah Badu are some of her influences.

4. She worked as a “sober companion” helping recovering addicts transition from rehab to regular life.
5. She is also known as Alaska Young.

2011 She released the EP Trick’d
2011 She was featured on Skrillex’s song “Kyoto”
2012 She was feaured on Skrillex’s song “Bangarang”
2012 She released the C.U.L.T. mixtape

Notable lyrics:

It’s not manic if you mean it/Baby on a head rush bottle full of manufactured feelings/Lost to the reelings of my deals and how I wheel them/”Sign with a major Sai, your soul is a major price/Maybe you can steer the cart if youre lucky/Take a chance roll the dice, need the money”/All my old fans rant that I sold out/Fridge is broken livin’ in the hood/Ask to who? Maybe they can fund me moving out/So when my luck is down/It’s anyone’s guess if ill keep on keeping on or quit while I’m ahead

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