ANDPOP Plays Marry, F—k, Kill with The Warped Tour Performers

Posted on August 13, 2013 by

No is complete without a good game of “Marry, F—k, or Kill.” Being the super serious music journalist that she is, that’s exactly what ANDPOP’s Caity Babcock did as she ran into some familiar faces at Warped Tour.

She basically made every Warped Tour performer think long and hard about which celeb they would put a ring on, shag or bury six feet deep. Trust us when we say they didn’t have some easy choices. Except for Ellen Degeneres, because who wouldn’t want to marry Ellen Degeneres.

Just watch the likes of William Beckett, The Used’s Bert McCraken, Toronto’s Courage My Own and more try to debate the merits of such life-altering decisions. You may be surprised.

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