Intern Recites Every Line in Mean Girls In Half An Hour

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I think there should be a rule here at ANDPOP where every intern is required to love Mean Girls because, unofficially, we have to make at least one Mean Girls joke or reference a day.

If you never seen Mean Girls or didn’t enjoy Tina Fey’s comedic tales of girlhood, there is something wrong with you. If the former applies to you, please tell me how did you get through high school without watching the flick? I think I watched it at least five times in high school, partly because it was part of the anti-bullying curriculum and partly because all the english teachers were all loved Tina Fey.

Source: Tumblr

Anyways, it seems like Next Movie found their ideal intern in Christopher Rosa who memorized every line from Mean Girls AND can recite the whole movie in under half an hour. That is talent.

Bonus points go to IF he was wearing pink because he filmed this on a Wednesday.

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