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WATCH NOW: The Backstreet Boys’ Take On “Sharknado”

Posted on August 7, 2013 by

The Backstreet Boys recently dropped by (literally) the set of The Soup to show Joel McHale their take on the recent cult movie hit, Sharknado. But instead of sharks flying out from the sky thanks to a giant tornado, the ground trembles with sad cats as it sleets boy band members. It really is as weird as it all sounds. The boys even shared their knowledge of “feline seasonal effective disorder,” also known as “sad cat.” So next time you see BSB’s Brian Littrell out on the streets, make sure to ask him about his depressed feline arch-nemesis.

And if that’s not enough hilarity, here are some bloopers of the guys filming the sketch:

Oh, Backstreet Boys. You guys are too precious for your own good.

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