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11 Male Celebs Who Safely Navigated The Perils of Puberty

Posted on August 7, 2013 by
matthew lewis
matthew lewis

Source: coxilicious.tumblr.com

Puberty. What else can be said about it other than it a) hits you like a bus or b) you smash the heck out of it like the powers behind Thor’s hammer. “For Odin! For Asgard!” (Sorry. I felt Thor’s catchphrase was needed there.)

From acne to the non-avoidable awkward phase, it can be a trying and stressful experience for any teenager. While many have a bit of a difficult time with it, others come out looking like totally different people— and in a very good way.

With having said that, I feel it’s necessary to spend some time observing marvelling at these 11 male celebs who literally kicked puberty in the butt.

1. Nathan Sykes

He may be the youngest member of The Wanted, but these days Nathan Sykes has been making girls’ hearts go “boom, boom” (see what I did there?) with every photo shoot or candid paparazzi shot. You see, our little Nathan went from this:

Nathan Sykes

Source: sykesiness.tumblr.com

To this:

nathan sykes

Source: crazycelly.tumblr.com

And if that’s not enough proof, may I suggest watching the music video for “I Found You?”

nathan sykes

Source: insane-ice-cream.tumblr.com

Thanks, The Wanted, for safely guiding another life ruiner out of puberty.

2. Zac Efron

Fans first fell in love with the gap-toothed Zac Efron when he sang his way into our hearts in Disney’s High School Musical:

zac efron

While we loved his mop hair, we can’t really complain about this:

zac efron

Source: justjared.com

So, Townies is coming out when?

3. Nick Jonas

When the Jonas Brothers first broke out, Nick Jonas was a cherub face, curly-haired cutie:


Now, that curly-haired cutie is posting selfies like this:

nick jonas

Source: Nick Jonas on Instagram

I’m going to leave it to Neil Patrick Harris to properly explain how we all feel about this:

4. Justin Bieber

What can I say about Justin Bieber? We all watched the the little pop star grow up before our eyes. We can even remember where we were on that fateful day he decided to cut off his trademark hair:

justin bieber

For this:

justin bieber

Source: Teen Vogue

Beliebers can now catch Justin showing off his abs on Instagram, and no one is complaining (though I wouldn’t mind if he tried pulling up his pants every now and then).

5) Kevin Zegers

We first spotted Kevin Zegers when he was just a boy with a basketball playing best friend of a dog in Air Bud:

kevin zegers

While we loved adorable Kevin, we also like him a lot more right now:

kevin zegers

A strong jawline and dimples? Ugh. You’re killing us here.

6. Nicholas Hoult

Nicholas Hoult was just a wee lad when he began his acting career alongside Hugh Grant in About a Boy:

nicholas hoult

Then he later went on to star in the hit U.K. teen drama Skins:

nicholas hoult

These days, fans can catch the cutie-turned-hottie reprising his role as the beast in the sequel to X-Men: First Class, dating Oscar-winner Jennifer Lawrence and wearing the heck out of some well fitted suits:

nicholas hoult

Source: not-you-ugh.tumblr.com

7. Matthew Lewis

If we were to give out an award to the celebrity who navigated puberty the best, we would have to give it to Matthew Lewis, a.k.a. Neville Longbottom from the Harry Potter film series. He somehow went from this:

matthew lewis

To this:

matthew lewis

Source: justjared.com

I suspect witchcraft (“make me Hotticus!).

8. Rupert Grint

Call me a sucker for a ginger (which I am), but Rupert Grint as Ron Weasley was always my favourite in the Harry Potter series. Just look at this adorable ginger:

rupert grint

Source: ctchingfire.tumblr.com

Luckily for us (well, mostly me), this is what Rupert looks like today, post-Hogwarts:

rupert grint

Source: lensiak.tumblr.com

Yay for hot gingers!

9.  Jay Baruchel

If you’re like me, you were most likely first introduced to Montreal native Jay Baruchel when he hosted Popular Mechanics for Kids in the nineties. Yes, I did have a crush on him:

jay baruchel

 Jay is now a mega movie star who just starred alongside fellow Canadian Seth Rogen in the summer’s best movie, This is The End.

jay bauchel

It must be Canada’s cold weather.

10. Ed Sheeran

A lot has been said about Ed Sheeran’s looks, most likely because he’s not your typical Hollywood stud. It’s that kind of talk I like to call malarkey because JUST LOOK AT HOW ADORABLE HE WAS:

ed sheeran

 Ed has been making girls swoon with his lyrics for years, and although he’s referenced his lack of a 6 pack, Sheerios love him just the way he is:ed sheeran

 11. One Direction

(So technically we’re talking about five guys here but we’re going to make them a package deal.)

The list wouldn’t be complete without the lads of One Direction. Making girls scream since their X Factor days, Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles have blossomed from this:

one direction

To this:

Source: Teen Vogue

Which has left Directioners sitting at their computers like this:


Source: little-wallflowerr.tumblr.com

I MEAN REALLY. The world is both a cruel and magical place if these little caterpillars can blossom into beautiful butterflies while we continue to pine for them.

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