The 25 Sassiest Animated Characters Ever

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The 25 Sassiest Disney Characters of our Childhood

Our favourite animated characters as kids ranged from princesses to sidekicks, mythical beings, and explorers. While they are all from different places, time periods and even universes, they all had one thing in common: their epic sass.

These characters held their own. They were funny, quirky, and were full of sass and attitude. They might have been a little head strung, but we loved them for it.

“Dishonour on you, dishonour on your family, dishonour on your cow.” That, my friends, is one saying often seen while scrolling through Tumblr. Do you remember who said that? It was Mushu from Mulan, the feisty dragon voiced by Eddie Murphy. Have you already forgotten how much sass that little guy had?


Here’s a list of all our favourite animated characters that exuded the perfect balance between sass and morality:



1) Alice 

2) Ursula

3) Meg

4) Pooh Bear

5) Tinkerbell 

6) Timone 

7) The Muses

8) Sebastian 

9) Scar 

10) Rafiki 

11) Peter Pan

12) Maleficient 

13) Marie 

14) Lumiere & Cogsworth 

15) Kuzco 

16) Jafar 

17) Hades 

18) Genie

19) The fairy godmothers of Sleeping Beauty

20) Miguel and Tulio

21) Mushu

22) Phil

23) Tigger

24) The Mirror

25) And every Disney Horse ever…


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2 Responses to “The 25 Sassiest Animated Characters Ever”

  1. Vee Skywalker-Solo says:

    Miguel and Tulio….?

    FAIL. That would be Dreamworks. Why don’t you just throw Tanja and Anastasia in there. >:{

  2. Gamer101 says:

    Miguel and Tulio were Dreamworks, not Disney.

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