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Selena Gomez First Legal Drink Was…

Posted on July 24, 2013 by

Pop star Selena Gomez turned the magical age of 21 (for Americans anyways) on Monday, but how did the Stars Dance singer celebrate? By shooting back a shot of Jack Daniel’s whisky for her first legal drink!

She jokingly told the Tonight Show with Jay Leno host she couldn’t remember how many shots of Jack she took that night. She also divulged some of her birthday weekend plans, including that it would be a “gypsy-themed” celebration.

While she already knows how the ladies of the party should be dolled up, she wasn’t quite sure how the guys should look. Well, shall we suggest trying their best take on Brad Pitt’s fighting gypsy character from Snatch? I’m sure all the ladies would appreciate it.

Watch Part Two of our interview with Selena Gomez to find out everything you need to know about Stars Dance HERE!

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