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Kanye’s A.P.C. Collection Sells Out and Crashes Site

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Last week, we gave you a preview of Rihanna‘s collection for River Island. This week, it’s Kanye West’s turn to show off his fashion design talents.

Although West already has his own high-end womenswear line, the famed rapper teamed up with A.P.C. to launch a capsule collection which has hypebeasts everywhere excited. Not only is West venturing into the menswear realm but it seems like he’s finally making headway in the fashion industry. While West’s high-end womenswear line received a lot of flack for not only its over-the-top pricing but for the lackluster designs, his A.P.C. collection is already sold-out and has caused the A.P.C. site to crash (the site is back up and running fine now). While you can still criticize the A.P.C. Kanye collaboration for being way too expensive, this collection is a lot more accessible than his womenswear line (sorry Kanye, but did you really think you can charge higher-than-Chanel prices for your clothes?!).

Hip Hop T-Shirts ($120) available in white and black.

So what do I think of the collection? Well, there is beauty in minimalism and clean lines. Sometimes it’s harder to do less and it would have been way too easy for Kanye to embellish every piece of clothing. With that said, I still find this collection to be way too expensive! Even though the shirt is made out of Egyptian cotton, I still wouldn’t pay $12o for a simple white/black tee–or shall I say “Hip Hop” t-shirt. What makes it “hip hop” must be Kanye’s name silkscreened on the inside or that they’re really long so they create a mini-skirt effect. Alas, your guess is as good as mine.

Hooded Sweatshirt ($280) also available in black & Hooded Sweatshirt II ($250).

I can say that I don’t think I have really seen anything like the Hooded Sweatshirt II in stores. Just don’t confuse it with the long-sleeved Hooded Sweatshirt. I’m talking about the short-sleeved version because there’s obviously a big difference! About $3o worth of a difference! So yay for Kanye and the A.P.C. team for coming out with the Hooded Sweatshirt II.


Kanye Jeans ($265).

People spend a lot of money on jeans, so dropping $265 on these raw Japanese denim ‘Kanye Jeans’ doesn’t seem as crazy as it would be for the rest of the collection. Good jeans tend to be investments since they can last a long time, so hopefully the quality of the “Kanye Jeans” will mean a good return for your money. Hopefully you guys are fans of skinny jeans since the two washes only come in the skinny fit.

T-shirt Trippy Symphony (€95 in France/€105 rest of Europe) front and back.

So here’s a graphic tee not available in North America. This t-shirt is an extra-collaboration not only between Kanye West and A.P.C. but with Been Thrill as well. The third collaboration makes sense since this is the one item in the collection that stands out for not vibing with the rest. As you’ve seen there are no graphics or logos visible on the rest of the collection, nor are big graphics and logos apart of the A.P.C. aesthetic. So why is this shirt cheaper in France? Well A.P.C. is a French brand and retailer. After all, the acronym stands for “Atelier de Production et de Création.”

For some people the label is the most important part of the clothes, SMH.

Even though the collection is sold out in North America, it doesn’t necessarily mean that a new capsule collection is already in the works. There have been reports that Kanye has been difficult to work with because of his strong perfectionist nature. Apparently a chambray shirt was nixed because it didn’t meet West’s high standards. So that’s probably why there are only 8 pieces to this collection (7 pieces for North America). However if demand remains strong perhaps Kanye and A.P.C. will work things out.

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