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Disney Land Evil Queen Delivers As 8-Year-Old Asks, “Are You Still Jealous Of Snow White?”

Posted on July 18, 2013 by

The Evil Queen delivers what may just be the best improv acting ever from a Disney impersonator after one little girl bravely asks her, “Are you still jealous of Snow White?” Instead of giving out a sugar coated answer, the Disneyland actress is deliciously evil as she denies all claims of jealous and even leads eight-year-old Amelia to Snow White to ask, “Amelia, really, do you think I’m jealous of that?”

The Evil Queen stays in character during her entire chat with Amelia and even throws a little shade at Mickey and Minnie. It’s also really amusing watching Snow White and Cinderella try to keep up with her.

Someone get this lady a real acting job, stat!

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