The Wanted Life Finale Recap: Rock It Out

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By: Katrina Araujo

Like all great things in life, The Wanted Life has ended its first season run last night with the season finale. Now if you’re an uber fan like me, you’re probably lying in the fetal position and trying to process all of the emotions you’re feeling.

However, if you happened to miss the finale, then you’ll want to keep reading.

Here is what you missed on the finale of The Wanted Life.

It starts out with Nathan sadly packing his bags and the boys saying goodbye before he heads home for surgery. Once home, he meets with Scooter to talk about his frustrations and fears about the impending surgery.

Meanwhile in the Bahamas, the rest of the boys are having dinner and Max shares the news that he’s been offered the part for the movie he auditioned for. They boys are all genuinely excited for him and supportive but there is always the question of what it means for The Wanted. Unsure of how things are going to turn out with Nathan and his surgery, Max isn’t sure if he’s ready to put acting ahead of the band. After talking it out a bit, the boys decide to cut the trip short and go back to the UK to surprise Nathan when he gets out of surgery.

In the UK, Nathan is preparing for surgery and gets the run-down of the procedure from the doctor. There’s needles, IV’s and other medical devices involved which was my que to get some water. I don’t know about you guys but even the sight of a needle makes me fidgety. He goes into surgery and awakens two hours later, a little out of sorts but we can all breathe a sigh of relief that he’s doing OKAY. Things get emotional as the rest of the boys come and surprise him and there are tears everywhere.

We then see the boys gearing up and performing in San Diego for the first time without Nathan. Everyone kind of struggles to get their bearings as they try and figure out Nathan’s parts and where they should be on stage since there is now only four. Meanwhile, Nathan is back in the UK recovering and goes in for his regular check-up.  Good news for him,  the doctor says everything looks fine but cautions him against returning to singing before his voice is ready.

As the episode continues on, we see Nathan taking all the necessary steps to recover properly and do his best to get back to what he loves most. It’s sad to see him and the boys go through the stress of not knowing if this is the end for The Wanted.

Next, the four other lads meet with Scooter and he plays them a song that his friend Nasri wrote. They play a snippet of the song and the boys all get excited. Heck I was getting excited because it was beyond epic!  I may have had a fan-girl moment…or five!

The pressure builds as the boys prepare for their major gig at Wembley Stadium for Capital FM’s summertime ball. Tension is high and even though we all know that he’s back and better than ever, you can’t help but feel a little panicky as everyone wonders if he will sing at Capital Fm’s summertime ball or not.

After a commercial break, we see the final moments leading up to Nathan’s infamous comeback and it’s emotional to say the least. All of the worries, doubts and fears that have been apparent all season are wiped away as we see him rise from the stage and deliver a beyond amazing performance.

Earlier in the show, Nareesha gets the opportunity of a lifetime to design a full dress line and is beyond excited. However, it means she will have to stay behind in London as Siva goes out on tour. She tells Siva the news and as happy as he is for her it’s apparent that he isn’t too psyched about having to spend time away from her.  We are now left wondering if Siva will put his relationship before the band this time around and if he does, what does this mean for The Wanted?

The episode wraps up on a high note with the boys celebrating their phenomenal performance at Wembley and Nathan’s remarkable comeback. We know that Nathan still has some recovering to do but we’re all just so glad to have him back.

We get to hear The Wanted’s version of “We Own the Night” and I don’t know about you all but I just about wet my pants with excitement!  The preview sounded absolutely amazing.

It’s been such an intense season but at the end of it the boys come out stronger as a band. There have been whispers that it’s been picked up for a second season but this time, in the UK. I for one, am really hoping it’s true because life is never a dull moment when The Wanted is around!

LISTEN To A Sneak Peek Of “We Own The Night” –

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