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6 Reasons Why Movies Should Stop Putting Bad Guys In Glass Prisons

Posted on July 13, 2013 by

Has anyone else noticed this trend in action movies? The bad guy gets captured before you’re halfway through your popcorn, the good guys put him in a glass prison, and all is well, right? No need for steel doors, a dozen guards on watch, or the last 40 minutes of the movie, right?

WRONG. MOVIES, STOP. THIS NEVER WORKS. All hail Tumblr artist Raven Montoya for putting the pieces together, because superheroes apparently can’t figure this one out. Just look at how many glass prison fails we’ve seen in our lifetime!

1. Hannibal in The Silence of the Lambs

2. Magneto in X-Men 2

3. Loki in The Avengers

4. Raoul Silva in James Bond’s Skyfall

5. Khan in Star Trek: Into Darkness

6. The most terrifying monster of them all . . .

Stitch in Lilo and Stitch!

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