VINE OF THE DAY: Stop-Motion Animated Super Mario Bro’s With Food

Posted on July 8, 2013 by
VINE OF THE DAY: Stop-Motion Animated Super Smash Bro's With Food

Hunter Harrison is an actor, artist, and vine genius.  He also didn’t listen to his mom when she told him to stop playing with his food.

He used different types of food to recreate levels of super smash bro’s in two stop-motion Vine videos. The first video features Mario as a red fruit snack  effortlessly running through a land comprised of graham crackers and Cheez-its in an attempt to collect pennies.

The edible second video has Mario avoiding a dangerous Koopa Troopa Shell, in efforts to get his hands on the flagpole and reach the castle made up of graham crackers and a castle made of  Chex cereal.  

AHH. Success has never tasted so good.

(Via TheLaughingSquid & Mashable)


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