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The Wanted Life Recap: Bahamas Like a Pop Star

Posted on July 8, 2013 by
The Wanted

The Wanted

By: Katrina Araujo

The sun goes down, the stars come out and it is once again Sunday night. Having survived another busy work week, your last minutes of freedom also means another episode of  The Wanted Life.  But if you missed it this week, you better grab your Kleenex. This week’s show was super emotional.

Here’s what you missed on this week’s episode of The Wanted Life:

The episode starts off light with Max announcing that Nano has just confirmed that the whole group will be going to the Bahamas.  Excitement goes around and they decide to extend the trip a couple days so they can relax and celebrate Nathan’s birthday.

However, things take a serious turn when the next scene shows Siva meeting up with Nano. In last week’s episode, the boys got their first viewing of the “Walks like Rihanna” video and everyone was really excited with how it turned out. Siva on the other hand, couldn’t help but feel left out seeing as he wasn’t as prominently featured in the song and video as the rest of the band. But while he shook it off in the first place, he raised his concerns about not being featured and expressed his frustrations during a meeting with Nano.  Taking these concerns into consideration, Nano reassured Siva that it’s about what works best in the song and that he is still a vital part of the band. 

But of course, an episode of The Wanted Life wouldn’t be complete without the hilarity that is Jay McGuiness’ antics. In this week’s show, we see Jay getting a spray tan so that he can blend in with locals in the Bahamas since he is blindingly pale. But when he realizes that the group has messed with the settings on his tan,  he ends up being fifty shades more orange by the end of the day!!

Next, the group flies to the Bahamas and enjoyed the beaches and got to swim with dolphins. As it’s almost Nathan’s birthday, the boys put together a little surprise for him with cake in the shape of boobs.  But of course, it’s not a birthday party without someone getting their face covered in the cake! Taking the plunge, it’s birthday boy Nathan who ends up shoving his face in the cake of boobs!  (Knowing him, we’re not surprised!)


But it’s not all partying and fun for the boys.  After some much deserved rest and relaxation, it’s back to work as the boys rehearse for their upcoming performance.

Nathan, who is still on strict vocal rest, sits in the back of the auditorium while the group rehearses without him.  During this scene, you can’t help but feel for him.  Seeing how much it’s getting to him to not be with his band members, his frustration grows even more when he has to lip-sync on stage later that night.

However, things turn even more emotional when he calls his doctor later on to discuss his progress. As the doctor advises him to come back to the US immediately and have surgery, you can just tell how scared Nathan is to hear this.

But thankfully for the support of his fellow bandmates, they comfort comforts and assures him that they’ll be there for him no matter what.  AWW!

(How can I join that group hug?!)

But in happier events, Max gets a call from the director for a movie audition he went for in last week’s episode. Seeing as the director gave him the part, looks like Max is going to make the cross-over from singer to actor!!

That being said, if you thought this week’s episode of The Wanted Life was emotional, next week’s finale looks even more INTENSE. With Nathan going into surgery, Max telling the rest of the group about his acting gig and what looks to be Nathan’s comeback at the Capital SummerTime Ball, you’re not going to want to miss it!

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