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The Wanted Life Recap: Party Like A Pop Star

Posted on July 1, 2013 by
The Wanted Life

By Katrina Araujo

The Wanted Life

This week’s episode of The Wanted Life was a highly charged and dramatic episode, to put it mildly. If you missed it because you were out celebrating Canada’s special day, have no fear….ANDPOP is here!

Here’s what you missed on this week’s episode of The Wanted Life:

The show opens with Siva and Jay rehearsing dance steps for the upcoming “Walks like Rihanna” video shoot.  Having a background in dance, Jay doesn’t have too many issues with the moves but Siva on the other hand, let’s just say he makes for a better model/singer.

We later catch up with the rest of the gang at the house. They’re trying to figure out whose turn it is to cook lunch, as they make fun of Nathan for his lack of cooking skills along the way. Food poisoning, anyone? Big Kev comes and tells everyone that there are paparazzi outside. He then finds it necessary to make a completely rude remark to Kelsey about hiding her cellulite in reference to some photos that were taken of her earlier in the year.  Everyone is absolutely shocked at what was said and aren’t sure what to say or do. Kelsey shrugs it off and goes upstairs, clearly upset. Tom isn’t sure how to handle the situation so he stays behind to give her space. We then see a tearful Kelsey admit on the confession cam how much the comment really did hurt.

Image Via Blueoceanfloortwat on Tumblr

By this point I’m hugging my TV and singing Christina Aguilera’s “Beautiful” as if she could actually hear me.

As much as I want to, I just can’t unsee what’s about to happen. Max has a few friends over and like always, drinks are involved. There are random girls in nothing but bras and panties running around and screaming, meanwhile Max and his buddies are jumping from the balcony into the pool. At one point, we even see a girl passed out literally on top of the bar, as Tom is rolling her onto her side. Who said pop stars can’t party responsibly like the rest of them?!

It’s absolute chaos in the mansion and Nareesha just wants to get some work done but finds it impossible with all that is going on downstairs.  She then tells Siva that this can’t keep going on and that she thinks it would be best if he sat down with Max and had a chat. So the next day the group tries to talk about partying too hard and bringing people they don’t know back to the house. It gets heated between Max and Siva and we don’t know if Max is taking these concerns as seriously as he should be.

Cue commercial.

After the brief commercial break, we check in with Kelsey and she’s telling Nareesha how much Big Kev’s comments hurt her. She has the same conversation with Tom and god bless his soul, he offers to talk to Big Kev about it but she says to let it go for now.

We are then subjected to yet another awkward party scene, where there are more scantily clad girls running around and being completely looney. I wonder what their mothers would think! One particularly Looney Tune went all Annie Wilkes from Misery mistakenly walked into Siva and Nareesha’s room and watched them sleep.

Siva brings up the incident with the group the next day. After hearing this, Max finally realises that he needs to be more careful about whom he brings home and apologizes to everyone and they all kiss and make up. Literally.


The rest of the episode goes smoothly as Tom and Kelsey go out on a romantic date and Siva puts together a cute dinner for Nareesha with help from Jay (their running waiter) and an apologetic Max (their “chef”). There’s so much cuteness all in one episode that I might just explode!

It was another great episode of The Wanted and next week’s episode looks to be just as great. The boys head to the Bahamas and what could possibly go wrong in paradise? When it comes to The Wanted, you really never know. We also see Nathan going to the doctor’s and he gets some rather upsetting news.

We’ll be back next week to recap the episode and hopefully I’ll be able to get through it with no tears!

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