Kat Dahlia’s Hard Journey To Success

Posted on June 27, 2013 by

Ed Sheeran thinks Kat Dahlia is “amazing” and why shouldn’t he?

The Miami-bred R&B singer is chockfull of talent. So much so that she has already attracted the likes of Snoop Lion and Timbaland—all before releasing her first full-length album. In fact, Timbaland even signed up to help produce it! But until her album My Garden drops this September, soon-to-be-fans can awe over the incredibly whip-smart lyricism of “Gangsta,” her first single. It’s also “Gangsta”‘s autobiographical nature that gives Dahlia’s music a sense of authenticity—a rare feat in music’s current overly auto-tuned dance music state.

ANDPOP’s Simon Mohos sat down with Dahlia to talk about the challenges she faced and the lessons she learned while growing up in Miami. They also indulged in Dahlia’s current obsession with social media to Vine the quickest interview ever.

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