LIFE HACK: Make Your Own Subway Handle With A Toilet Plunger

Posted on June 25, 2013 by
toilet plunger bus ride
toilet plunger bus ride

Via The Gothamist

Public transit offers passengers two ways to keep themselves from falling over on those sharp turns and stops (I’m looking at you TTC!). You can either hold on to a grimy poll full of germs or  you can always grab on to the hanging strap, which is completely useless if you’re short.

So this magical plunger subway trick pretty much seems like a no brainer, right? Just think about the pros: its suction is sturdy enough and no one else has touched it. If you ever find yourself stuck on the bus (see what I did there?) and have nothing to hold on to, just bring your plunger next time. Just make sure it’s a new one to keep your subway ride as germ-free as possible.

[Via The Gothamist]

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