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The Wanted Life Recap: The Wanted Go To Washington

Posted on June 24, 2013 by

by Katrina Araujo

It’s been another big week for The Wanted. They just released their “Walks like Rihanna” EP in the UK and it’s already sitting at #2 on the ITunes charts!  What better way to celebrate the boys’ victory than watching this week’s episode of The Wanted Life.

It was a rather hysterical episode; my abs got quite the work out from all the laughing.  Just in case you missed the hijinks this Sunday, here’s what happened this week.

This episode starts with another meeting with their manager Scooter Braun. This time around, Scooter brings some good news and tells The Wanted that he’s booked them a performance at the White House for the annual Easter Egg Roll. The high-profile appearance will also net them a meet and greet with President Obama and the First Lady, Michelle. Not really sure of what planet these boys are actually from, Scooter looks on as the boys dance weirdly on the table. This particular burst of oddness prompts Scooter to ask, “Did Nano [their day manager] already tell you?” Yes, yes he did.

As they’re hanging out in the back, they wonder: when they meet the President, do they have to bow like they would with the Queen? Oh boy, let’s hope the boys can behave themselves in the White House! I’m still predicting all sort of shenanigans from The Wanted.

The conversation then turns a little more serious when they ask Nathan how his voice is and whether he can perform with them. He admits his voice still isn’t better and that he won’t be able to perform at the gig. If you’re a fan of The Wanted you know how Nathan’s voice issues end but it’s still heartbreaking to watch him not know exactly how bad his vocals are.

The next day the boys head into rehearsals and since Nathan isn’t able to perform, the remaining have to take on his parts of the songs. As rehearsals go on, it’s apparent that Jay is having a little bit of a struggle with it. On a side note, Max meets with Scooter after rehearsals to discuss possibly pursuing acting and Scooter is on board with it and tells him he’ll make a few calls.

Later in the day the boys are hanging out in the backyard when Nano comes over and asks to speak to Jay “in his office” which is code for the lawn chairs over in the corner. They sit down and Nano expresses his concern over Jay’s troubles earlier in practice and Nano blurts out, “You need voice lessons.” The look on Jay’s face is absolutely heartbreaking and you can see how upset and humiliated he feels about it. He manages to keep a brave face and re-joins the boys but it’s obvious that he took what Nano said to heart. I don’t know about you guys but, as a Jay girl, I may have gotten a little defensive and had a Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing moment.

Moving on.

Max practises for an acting audition with Tom and then we’re brought in to Jay’s voice lesson with Mama Jane!

Mama Jane shows Jay and Tom different techniques and exercises to help control their voice. In the end, it ended up being a good thing for Jay and even he admits that he benefited from it.

via deblinathewanted.tumblr.com

The Boys arrive in Washington, D.C. and put on an absolutely wicked show. After the performance, the boys get a tour of the inside of the White House and they get to meet FLOTUS Michelle Obama. They are fairly well behaved and even get to the meet the First Dog, Bo! Max tests his American accent out on him and gets an A+ for effort from Bo.

Via deblinathewanted.tumblr.com

The show ends with Max going to his audition for a small movie role. He auditions and his American accent is almost spot on! The audition went pretty well and Max is pretty proud of himself. We’ll have to wait and see whether he crosses that line from singer to actor.

According to clips from next week’s episode, it looks like it’s going to be an intense one! Big Kev pretty much insults Kelsey and she later cries in front of the confession cam, which is heartbreaking to watch. Then Max has a few friends over and things get a little cray cray as girls start running around Casa De Wanted. I already have my PVR set, my schedule cleared and popcorn bought for next week! I need to know what made my girl Kelsey cry and, who are we kidding, a drunk Max is always a hilarious Max!

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