Things I Need In My Life: Giant Hello Kitty Bed Cover

Posted on June 21, 2013 by

There were two things I wanted in my bedroom: a car bed and an Ikea swing. But now that I’m grown up, all I want is a gigantic Hello Kitty bed cover.

Forget body pillows with Chris Pine screen printed on them, this $230 bed cover from Incredibeds is every girl’s dream come true. I could literally cuddle with Hello Kitty as it’s massive and fluffy arms wrapped me up in its warmth (“Discover the world’s best hug!”). It would make the thought of dying alone with only my family of cats to watch me go (and eat my face afterwards) that much more bearable.

Not into Hello Kitty? No worries, Incredibeds even has Spiderman bed covers to appease all tastes! Now I’ll never leave my bed! NEVER! (Not that I had much reason to, but you know. I have to keep up appearances.)

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