The Best Office Birthday Card

Posted on June 21, 2013 by

According to shelliexo, this is what her boyfriend got from her work colleagues for his birthday the other day. Instead of getting a cheesy Hallmark card full of messages like “HB, buddy!” and “Hope you have a great day!” (it’s Facebook on paper!), there were two greeting options for his co-workers to tick off. Looks like most people just wanted to say “all the best” on his special cake day, except for Joe. Joe was greedy and wanted to say “All the best” and “Happy Birthday.” At least he ticked something off; Peter and Steve F. didn’t even want to say “all the best.”

With that, let me turn the attention to my work friends.

Dear work friends,

My birthday is still months away but I hope you like me enough to tick off something. I’m not picky. It would just be nice to know people took the time to half-heartedly wish me “all the best” with a simple checkmark. Thanks.

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