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The Wanted’s Jay McGuiness and Max George Play Innuendo Bingo

Posted on June 20, 2013 by

The Wanted’s Max George and Jay McGuiness return for another round of BBC Radio 1’s Innuendo Bingo! YAY!

From the start, Max just couldn’t keep it together which left poor Jay absolutely soaked from the experience (ANDPOP BONUS: create your own innuendo from that if you wish). To be fair though, with lines like “I can bang away to my heart’s content” and “how hard is it, as well, when you got a man inside you there?,” even I couldn’t help laugh hysterically. If I’m being honest, to watch the boys lose it is funnier than the actual clips.

Bringing out the classic, “Where are all the lesbians?” clip (anyone else wondering if they were ever found? Or just me?) which has become popular amongst the TWFanmily, the video is almost 10 minutes of absolute hilarity of the two spitting water everywhere.

Side Note: Whether it was planned or not, Jay wearing a hoodie was pretty smart.

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