Magic Trick Of The Day: The Money Prank

Posted on June 20, 2013 by

Pranks are always better when they involve money. Magic of Rahat on YouTube visits a couple of fast food joke for an extra special money prank.

At every single joint he visits, Rahat orders something roughly $4 to 5 dollars. But with only $3 on hand, he has asks if they take cheques. They obviously don’t, but don’t worry, Rahat will get his meal. He taps his one dollar bills, flips them over, and surprise! They magically turn into five dollar bills.  The fast food workers didn’t even know what hit them. 

There’s a useful magic trick I could use. What’s that, Michael Kors? That’s only 25 dollars? One second. Let me make a few hundred dollar bills.

[via TastefullyOffensive]

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