Pretty Little Liars Recap: Dirty Heels and Dirty Secrets

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By Paige Exell

How can a pair of muddy Manolos and talking parrots reveal such shocking discoveries? Find out the five things you missed on this week’s episode of Pretty Little Liars, “Turn of the Shoe.”

Near Death Experiences

In an attempt to gain the trust of her old pals, Mona leads the Liars to her RV in the woods so they can see that she has nothing to hide from them. For girls who are constantly being threatened by some mysterious psycho, you’d think they’d learn to stay out of the woods at night. I mean, I thought you guys were smart? (Especially you, Spence!) After a failed surprise attack on Mona, “A” tries to run over the girls with a car, leaving a nasty bruise on Emily’s arm.

But a little bruise won’t stop her! Determined to compete in the swim meet that could win her a spot on Stanford’s team, Emily uses pain killers to help her get through. Too bad it only creates more injuries for poor Em as she winds up losing focus, hits her head, and leaves her in a pool of her own blood.

Moms in Manolos

While some women have a hard time walking in heels, Ashley Marin may have just pulled off a murder in them. It seems as though Hanna’s mom may not have been in New York for as long as she claimed to be. After finding a pair of muddy Manolos, Hanna asks her mom if she killed Detective Wilden. Of course, she denies it, but doesn’t do a very good job convincing us when she is later seen disposing of the muddy heels.

I don’t know what’s more shocking: the fact that sweet, innocent Ashley may be responsible for Detective Wilden’s murder, or that she may have done it wearing a pair of Manolos (impressive if you ask me).

Ezra Who?

Feeling defenseless against “A,” Aria decides to take up private martial arts lessons with sexy instructor Jake. Things get awkward when Aria can’t resist Jake’s “cinnamon scent” and kisses him smack on the mouth. Yeah right, Aria! We all know you did it because he was your teacher!

New Pets and New Suspects 

After a visit with Mrs. DiLaurentis, Hanna learns some sketchy info about her mysterious friend Alison, and on a lighter note, gets a new pet!

Apparently Alison lied to her mom about inviting the girls to Cape May before her death, leaving us to wonder who Allie did invite. In a flashback, Alison’s mom comes off as a little aggressive and wins her a spot on my suspects list (is this a crazy thought?).

Hanna seems to be really desperate for clues when she adopts Alison’s secret talking pet parrot from Mrs. DiLaurentis, hoping that it will give the girls some answers.

Although Spence may not have been smart enough to get into University of Pennsylvania, she does manage to figure out that the parrot is singing the digits of a phone number. But of course, “A” is always on her A-game and manages to snatch the bird from the girls before they are able to make out the digits of the number.

Toby’s Confessions

Spoby get in a little fight after Toby confesses that he was the one that moved Mona’s RV in exchange for information about his mother—hey, at least he’s being honest this time, Spence! It turns out the information “A” gave Toby was his mothers Radley transcripts revealing that she killed herself. Toby has a hard time believing this and is determined to dig deeper. Hmm… Another murder mystery in Rosewood? What else is new?

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