Bodyform’s Hilarious Video Response To The Fakery of Tampon Commercials

Posted on June 19, 2013 by

When it comes to feminine hygiene products for that special time of the month, brands do have quite a strange way of marketing their products. Facebook user Richard Neill decided to make a stand and point that out to UK maxipad maker Bodyform by sending this hilarious comment on their Facebook page:

bodyform facebook comment

Via adweek.com

With commercials that usually show girls dancing, playing sports and just looking all around happy during their “time of the month,” Richard thought it would be funny to comment how he quickly learned that none of what he sees on T.V is true. So how did Bodyform respond? With this video of  faux Bodyform CEO Caroline Williams apologizing to Richard for their false advertising. She also gets real as she clears the air surrounding lady things such as hunger, mood swings and yes, gas (must use our whisper tone for that one).

The comment is pretty funny and for the company to respond to it this way was hilarious. Just remember guys, “there’s no such thing as a happy period.”… Ever!

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