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Tom Hiddleston Then And Now: Playing Rugby, First Roles, Charity Work And More

Posted on June 17, 2013 by
tom hiddleston then and now

tom hiddleston then and now

This adorable man behind Avengers bad boy Loki is so damn polite that he blames his popularity on Loki’s leather outfits. Don’t sell yourself short, Tom! The Thor: The Dark World star deserves all the love of Hiddleston’s Army for being incredibly talented and kind from the start (looks don’t hurt either).

He could pass for a British Justin Timberlake

tom hiddleston fro

Thomas William Hiddleston was born in London, England on February 9, 1981.  It’s a shame the world wasn’t aware of his acting chops during his time studying drama at Eton College, Cambridge University and London’s Royal Academy of Dramatic Art – there definitely would’ve been a huge Save The Fro campaign just like we tried (and failed) with JT.

justin timberlake fro

He played rugby

tom hiddleston rugby

Tom isn’t just a huge rugby fan, he was also a player in his Cambridge days! In an interview with the Society of London Theatre, Tom revealed the exact moment he knew he had to give up sports for acting. “I ran off and played this rugby game and at half time [the captain] came up to me. . .I’d turned up caked in ridiculous student drama make up!”

He was discovered in a school play

tom hiddleston theatre

When Tom was 19, a talent agent happened to catch his university’s production of A Streetcar Named Desire, a classic drama about life in New Orleans,  in 2000. You know you’ve got talent when the film industry notices you in just a secondary role! It was a game-changing moment that took Tom from the stage to the screen. . .

First TV role!


The small screen came first for Tom’s acting career. In 2001, he played a posh but rude lord at a dinner party in the TV movie adaptation of Charles Dickens’ Nicholas Nickelby. His character may not be lovable, but seeing 20-year-old Tom suited up Victorian-style sure is nice.

He cheered up prisoners over the holidays

tom hiddleston university

While our old LiveJournals probably have nothing but teenage angst, this online diary by 20-year-old Tom from December 2001 will make you love him even more. In it, Tom talks about his work with the London Shakespeare Workout Prison Project, a charitable group that give prison inmates acting lessons to keep them company. “For one afternoon we were some friendly faces to take them out of that place,” Tom writes. So many feels!

First film role!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rd73Hsueekc?rel=0]


After graduating from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in 2005, Tom got his first big-screen role at 27 in the 2008 British drama Unrelated. Tom plays Oakley, a teenager in Italy who takes a liking to a girl with a boyfriend back in London (dun duuuun). If you were her, who would you choose?

Great and Grateful 

tom hiddleston now

Now 32, Tom Hiddleston is well on his way to becoming a household name after acting in blockbusters like ThorThe Avengers and Midnight in Paris. Out of character, he’s helped raise money for UNICEF, volunteered in Africa, and takes time to say hi to fans. Loki may be why his fanbase got started, but the reason they’ve grown in size is all thanks to Tom’s greatest role: his kind self.

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5 Responses to “Tom Hiddleston Then And Now: Playing Rugby, First Roles, Charity Work And More”

  1. Johannah M says:

    Tom’s character in “Unrelated” is not as simple as a boy meets a girl with a boyfriend back home. Oakley, Tom’s character, shares a mutual attraction with an older, married woman, whose husband is back home in England. Tom does a fantastic job playing Oakley, and is incredibly good looking as well. (Yes Tom, talent and great looks, even without the 30 pounds of leather and metal!)

  2. KND says:

    Absolutely agreed that we love him for HIMSELF, not just for his acting superpowe… err. skills.

  3. anon says:


  4. AnnieLynn says:

    Tom is an amazingly talented actor and an inspirational person. His optimism and advices in interviews help me all the time. 🙂 He’s such a wonderful human being.

  5. Innaunnakki says:

    Thank you so much for writing this fantastic article. The ending, “…:his kind self.”, just put the cherry on top!! As a big fan of his, people always ask me what would I do if I met him in person and he turns out to not be so as I imagined. But, for some reason, I cannot see him as a cold-hearted, uppity type of person. He really does appear to be genuine. As amazingly talented as he is, he makes me to be a better person, a better actress, and a better artist. Seeing that he was only 19 when he was discovered, I am 20, I have my concerns and my questions about my own self progress. Instead of letting that stop me with a depressing mood, seeing his success makes me so happy and want to be just as amazing as him someday! xxx

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