Bus Riders Get Photoshopped As They Wait For Their Ride

Posted on June 17, 2013 by

What would you do if you magically appeared in a bus stop ad while a sketchy white van parked right across the street. If you were me, you’d probably think the government was watching you.

Shockingly, the gimmick isn’t a conspiracy. It’s actually a video for Adobe Creative Day on June 11.

In what might be the coolest prank ever, Adobe Nordic brings us a “Street Retouch Prank” video. The video shows a few victims being photoshopped live as they wait for the bus to arrive.

The guy in the van is quite the Photoshop magician. It’s almost flattering to be his prey, though I’m not too sure if his prank victims agree. The wedding cake photoshopped picture seems to be pretty mortifying, but who knows. He could have be the world’s sneakiest matchmaker.

[Via Gleekologie]

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