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Justin Bieber Retweets: Frog Lawn Mower

Posted on June 15, 2013 by

Who would have known that the words” Frog Lawn Mower” would have so much impact?

When Late Night  writer Arthur Meyer tested to see how many retweets he would get by posting the same exact thing as Justin Bieber (who has over 40 million followers, by the way) , the results at first were not very successful.

But when word got out to the Biebs about what Meyer was doing, things began to drastically change.

Playing along with the experiment, the two switched things up with Bieber tweeting out a random tweet of Arthur’s…which happened to be “frog lawn mower.”

But that’s not all in the pair’s fun. Justin even sent the writer a surprise on the show.

TOO CUTE! From all the negative press Justin Bieber gets, at least we all still know that he’s a fun and caring boy despite everything he has to put up with!

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