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Jackie Chan Tells His Best Story Ever

Posted on June 15, 2013 by

Say what you will, but Jackie Chan will never stop being awesome.

Reminding me of one my uncles, Chan never ceases to disappoint me with his humour, cheerfulness and his great stories.

While in Toronto to show his classic films (Drunken Master, The Legend of Drunken MonsterĀ andĀ Police Story), the martial arts master tells his fans about the time he met and fanboyed over his hero Bruce Lee while shooting a part for Enter the Dragon.

During the shoot, Lee accidentally hit Chan on the head and felt awful about it. Allowing the young Chan to spend time with his idol, of course the two got along swimmingly.

I’m trying hard to imagine Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee getting into a friendly match with one another…and then laughing it over tea and cookies right after.

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