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10 Hilarious Moments Courtesy of The Wanted’s Jay McGuiness

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When describing The Wanted’s Jay McGuiness, many words can come to mind. For example, clumsy:

via ill-be-your-strength-twchile.tumblr.com

Another way the #TWFanmily could possibly describe the curly-haired member is, let’s say, articulate. Whether it’s in interviews, his tweets or on the band’s reality show The Wanted Life, Jay is always there to offer some of the most memorable and quotable moments. With the power of gifs and tweets (because nothing on the internet really ever dies), let’s sit back and enjoy some of Jay’s best quotes and moments which will leave you both laughing and scratching your head.

Here Are 10 Hilarious Moments And Quotes of Jay McGuiness:

1. Jay’s Typing Troubles

via deblinathewanted.tumblr.com

If there’s one thing the BBC does well, it’s the great games they have their artists play in studio. So when the guys recently visited Matt Edmondson on BBC Radio 1 they played a game of pie tennis where, whoever won, would send a tweet from the losers account. In this moment, we all learned that, when in a boy band, you lose the ability to type. Huh-Noted Jay.

This is the tweet that was sent out:


2. A lesson in farting

via twjaybird.tumblr.com

I don’t know the context of this but it’s an interesting piece of advice, to say the least. He also manages to rhyme which impresses fellow band member Max George. This is talent, people.

3. He’s drunk… Most of the time

via nodoyjay.tumblr.com

It’s never a dull moment with the Wanted. When we asked Jay when he was last in the studio during our live stream with the boys in December, he basically said what we already knew.

4. He knows the difference between right and wrong

via xstarsgoblue28x.tumblr.com

The next time Scooter Braun thinks to lecture the boys about their partying, he should just remember this and all be okay.

5. Team work is key

via like-a-fairytail.tumblr.com

An honest description of The Wanted.

6. His amazing word choice.

via flormellark.tumblr.com

Here we have Jay using the word “tomfoolery,” a word not used since, I want to say, the 1940’s?

7. He needs his own dictionary

Jay McGuiness

We all love it when he combines words to create one spectacular way to describe how he’s feeling right?

8. Parenting 101

Jay McGuiness

I’m sure Jay is great with kids, but you better make sure you’re parenting skills are up to his standards.

9. One missing cellphone mystery solved. 100 to go


Jay phone tweet

Jay is known for losing every cell phone he’s probably ever owned. So when he told Twitter where he had found one of them, it left us with more questions than answers.

10. Jay on birthing a party

via captainwright.tumblr.com

This is how Jay described throwing the first party in L.A. on The Wanted Life. Um, okay.

In conclusion:

The fact is, Jay may be considered the odd one in the band but honestly, that’s why we love him! Isn’t that right, Nathan?

Awww! How cute! Let’s just take a moment to acknowledge the absolute horror on Nathan’s face in this “Jaythan” moment, shall we?

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