Why Justin Bieber And Miley Cyrus Seem Like The Perfect BFFs

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It seems as though Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus have so many things in common, that there’s no doubt why they wouldn’t be the bestest friends ever. From their blooming personalities to being incredible role models, only one could wish for a friendship like this:

They support each other on stage

Whether you’re jamming out to Miley Cyrus or Justin Bieber, you know it’s definitely a hit. In 2010, Justin joined Miley on stage at the MMVAs where she performed “Party In The USA,” and changed the song’s lyric to “..and a JB song was on.” Then a few months later, Miley joined Justin on stage for not only a sold out show at MSG, but they also collaborated on “Overboard” which made it into Justin’s documentary/concert film Never Say Never.

They both have a great sense of humor

It’s all fun and game ’til someone gets hurt, and Justin totally beat the crap out of that guy in this episode (well kinda). Things went to a whole new level when Justin hosted MTV’s Punk’d. This was the show’s first ever reverse prank where Miley originally thought she was going to punk Justin— but not so fast. On his way to the shoot, Justin showed his competitive side: “She’s not punking me, that’s not really possible. I can’t be punk’d.”

Possible collaboration? YES PLEASE 

At the 2013 Billboard Awards, Miley walked the carpet where she was asked about her rumoured collaboration with Justin Bieber since they were spotted leaving the same studio. Miley responded with: “Everyone’s been asking me about that. My lips are sealed, I’m the queen of secrecy so I’m keeping that kinda under wraps.” Do you guys think this is going to happen?

Who wouldn’t want to party with Justin?

More laughs on SNL

Ah the good ol’ days, when purple hoodies and a perfectly side-swept hair flip made all the girls swoon. Miley did her best Justin Bieber impression on Saturday Night Live back when she hosted the show in 2010, and Justin definitely returned the favour earlier this year. Biebs played the president of the Miley Cyrus fan club who seemed to have some issues with Justin Bieber.

Their moms even click

These star studded mommas were spotted leaving after having a bite to eat in Calabasas, CA, where Miley’s mom Tish visibly held a copy of Pattie’s book “Nowhere But Up.”


If you were on Twitter on Tuesday, you would have seen ‘Jiley’ trending. Justin + Miley = Jiley …get it? Even though Miley’s engaged to Liam Hemsworth, these two have known each other for years. Jiley shippers have taken over the web and Miley even complimented her fans on their photoshop skills after seeing a recent picture of Justin holding a baby Cyrus. Too far?

And most recently.. 

Justin and Miley have been hanging out more frequently but people seem to speculate that there’s flirtatious feelings around the two, when actually they might just enjoy each other’s company. Miley was asked about the recent photos Wednesday morning and if her and Justin are more than friends: “I’m engaged…I’m engaged, that’s impossible.” See there you have it, you can still be friends!

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