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Teddy Geiger Strikes Out On His Own

Posted on June 13, 2013 by

It’s been a while since the world’s heard from Teddy Geiger.

After initially finding success with his hit song “For You I Will” (and scoring a smooch from reality star Kristen Cavallari in the music video along the way), Teddy decided to leave his major record label to strike it out on his own. While his move also meant losing the rights to his own music (including all the work he already finished for his second record), the 24-year-old didn’t let that faze him. Instead, Teddy moved back home to start fresh and re-discovering what music meant to him.

With support from his fans, Teddy has jumped back onto the music scene with brand new material. Watch this exclusive acoustic performance of “Happier” to get a taste of Teddy Geiger’s new sound.

Teddy Geiger’s new album The Last Fears is available now on iTunes.

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