The Blog You Need To Follow Now: Pugs In Clothes

Posted on June 11, 2013 by
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I’m going to be that parent who dresses their toddler in ridiculously costumes until they’re old enough to realize that wearing a Spider-Man costume to the grocery store isn’t normal. Alas, those days better be a long ways a way and for now, I have to settle on animals or, because I am currently animal-less at the moment, looking at photos of animals in ridiculous clothes.

While I very much enjoy the pages of Menswear Dog, there’s nothing like a pug wearing a sweater with varying degrees of disgust (or happiness) on their face. So may I present Pugs in Clothes, the latest Must-Follow Tumblr (asides from ours, of course).

Here are just some of the best pictures of pugs in clothes right now.


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