LISTEN NOW: The Wanted’s “Out of Time (Only You)” Demo, Max Talks Collabs + The Wanted Play Pie Tennis

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The Wanted

The Wanted

To say fans of The Wanted have been eagerly waiting for news on their latest album would be putting it mildly. The guys have been staying pretty hush hush about the new tunes and haven’t been giving the #TWFanmily much to go on—until now.

Max George spilled the beans on which artists we can expect to hear on The Wanted’s much anticipated third album and, boy, it’s pretty impressive. We can expect to hear none other than Rita Ora, Dr. Luke, Nasri (who works with Justin Bieber) and Justin Bieber himself on their new effort, Max tells MTV News.

 “Nath’s back so I think it’s gonna be our best album yet and hopefully there’ll be a couple of surprise collabs there as well.”

Surprise collaborations you say? How great would it be if one of those featured One Direction and they’re both singing about how all this “fighting” was one big joke? No? Just me?

In more The Wanted news, a demo rumoured to have been written for the album has leaked and the consensus to be a hit with fans. The song titled “Out of Time (Only You),” which features Paddy Dalton and Benny Scarrs, has the band’s Jay McGuiness singing most of the solos. Offering a more indie rock sound, the song is amazing and here’s hoping it makes the final cut.



And for some kicks and giggles, let’s sit back and watch The Wanted’s shenanigans, without Nathan and his sarcastic comments (sad face) as they play Pie Tennis on BBC Radio1:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLxzbnT8ip4]

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