What You Don’t Want PRISM To Find Out

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According to multiple reports, the United States’ National Security Agency (NSA) have been secretly collecting vast amounts of internet data by gaining direct access to the servers of big tech companies.

The Guardian and The Washington Post said they have obtained a 41-page powerpoint presentation dated April 2013 of the covert program, known as PRISM, which was intended for NSA senior analysts. It would give the agency the power to circumvent legal processes required to seek personal information such as e-mails, photos and videos, according to the two news outlets.

The companies implicated by PRISM include Apple, Google, Skype, Facebook, Microsoft and AOL, with Microsoft reportedly being the first to sign up for the program back in 2007. While the NSA say they have the complete co-operation from the all tech companies involved, none of the companies have either denied their involvement or have refused to comment on the issue.

If all true, PRISM basically has access to your life.

So what are you afraid the government may find out about you? Possible one of these 10 things.

1. Where you hid your 50 Shades of Grey .PDFs and other smutty fanfics

They’re in the folder titled “Nickelback,” aren’t they?

2. You’re a secret bronie

3. You’re a little too cat-obsessed¬†

4. That one time you thought being a superhero while drunk was a good idea

5. How you felt when watching the “Red Wedding” unfold on The Game Of Thrones¬†even though you knew what was coming because you read the books

6. That you like Vin Diesel a little too much


7. Just how embarrassing your social media profile really is

8. Your unhealthy obsession with Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber leather shirt

Because no one should care as much as you do if Bieber wore a leather shirt to basketball game.

9. Who you stalk on Facebook

10. The lack of messages you get from so-called friends and admirers

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