Adorable Orphaned Foal Befriends Giant Teddy Bear

Posted on June 5, 2013 by

Photo Via nydailynews.com

Today’s adorable news of the day comes from England where Breeze, a baby foal who was abandoned by her mother in Dartmoore Hill, has found an unusual best friend. The 10-day-old foal is currently being cared for at the Honeysuckle Farm in Newton Abbot where little Breeze has grown attached to a¬†teddy bear cutely named Buttons.


The bear appears to watch over Breeze as he slumbers.

While Breeze is being nursed back to health, Buttons has been keeping the young foal company after it was donated by the local community. The donation came just days after the farm sent out requests for stuffed toys be sent for Breeze.

Nothing like an adorable feel-good story to brighten up your day.

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