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The Wanted Life Episode 1 Recap: Things Get Wild at the The Wanted House

Posted on June 3, 2013 by

The boys of The Wanted recently spent some time in L.A working on a new album and allowed cameras to follow them around on their journey to making it big in America. The first episode premiered last night on E! And it was quite the first episode.

It starts off with the band arriving at their new digs that management has set up for them. They were basically running around like children in a candy store. They break in their first night with ping pong and drinks; well except for poor baby Nathan who is not of legal drinking age.

We’re also introduced to the two ladies of The Wanted. Tom’s girlfriend Kelsey is the more out-going, loud, and rambunctious one.  She’s like one of the boys, as Tom points out, and even says that she may as well have a penis at some points. Siva’s girlfriend Nareesha is the more conservative and soft spoken one out of the two but as the show progresses, she’s not afraid to speak her mind…about everything.

Now it wouldn’t be a reality TV episode without a raging house warming party. They’ve been in the house for about a day and already are throwing a huge party. Nareesha has some choice words about how uncomfortable with it she is but the party must go on. We are then introduced to the greatest thing about this show, the confession cam. Max and Jay are the first two of the boys to break it in and lovingly compare to their first party to having a baby.

Surprisingly enough, pop stars know how to party. There’s beer pong, dancing, and mischief as the boys break in their new home. It only takes five minutes for Max to meet Tori, an entirely too willing lady in a black bando. Much to the disappoint of Jay, who was also trying to get it in with Mrs. Bando, she goes off with Max and is officially the first hook up of the series.

After a wild night of partying, Scooter Braun hauls them into his office to give them a good talking to. He’s quick to inform the boys that they are here in L.A to work and not to party, to which Jay hilariously points out that they are in their twenties and will drink, but it’s not like they’d set fire to a baby!

With the expectations being set, the boys get down to business and play a sold out show. It starts to become apparent that there is something not quite right with Nathan’s voice. It seems to get worse as he goes into the studio to lay down the vocals for a new song he wrote, that is to be added onto the album. He sounds like he’s really struggling though and really, you just want to reach out and hug the poor guy. Between his voice and not being able to join in the festivities with the boys, it seems like little Nath just can’t catch a break! We now know that he had to have surgery to remove a nodule on his throat but seeing it first hand is just heart breaking.

The episode ends with clips from the rest of the season and it looks dramatic! It looks like there’s going to be a lot of tension in the band when it comes to Siva and Nareesha. We know one thing: we want more confession cam sessions!

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