Kindergartener Read 875 Books Last Year

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Kindergartener Read 875 Books Last Year

Is the next real-life Matilda Sophia Moss?

The five-year old read 875 books last year and isn’t stopping there. With the reading log to prove it, Moss is providing a whole new definition for book worm.

With the kindergartener checking out about 20 books a week, T.S. Cooley Elementary Magnet School’s librarian says the 5-year-old has read most of the kindergarten and grade one level books in the library. She even jokes she will need to get more books for the avid reader. The kindergarteners father says that his daughter is normally found reading when she is supposed to be sleeping.

Of her astounding accomplishments, Moss just says “I just love to read.”

This is truly incredible and moving. We don’t hear enough about children reading and Moss definitely has a special mind.

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