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A guide to Celebrity iPhone Cases through Shameless Selfies

Posted on May 30, 2013 by

Celebrities are used to having their pictures taken. But thanks to Instagram and cellphone camera technology, celebrities are taking control over their image and posting more candid photos than ever before. All hail the celebrity selfie!

While it’s fun to see which celeb likes to take the most selfies and to see who gives the most duckface, I always get distracted by their iPhone cases. I guess since we’re so used to seeing celebrities with the most expensive and luxe items, it’s kinda nice seeing them with a regular iPhone that many of us already have.

So how do they set themselves apart from us common folk? With fancy iPhone cases of course! Phone cases are a great way to personalize your phone and turn your phone into a fashion statement than just some handy piece of technology. So here are our guide to some of your fav celebrity phone cases.

Selena Gomez

It’s true that some phone cases can be pricey, so it’s not always feasible to get a case that matches your nail polish. But clearly Selena can afford as many phone cases as she wants. But she also proves to be quite frugal as well. In the very top photo Selena writes a shortened version of her name in gold permanent marker. It’s cheap but it marks it as hers. Graffiti-ing your own phone can be a cheap way to personalize your phone and make a statement without buying a case. And if you do make a mistake, then you can try wiping it off or buying a case to cover it up.

Justin Bieber

Don’t be distracted by the half naked Justin Bieber! The Biebster is a lover of selfie pics and it has manifested itself onto his iPhone case. He has taken a selfie pic of him and ‘someone that appears to be Selena Gomez’ and turned it into an iPhone case. Some photo developing stores lets you take photos and make them into mugs, t-shirts and iPhone cases. It’s a cool way to make sure no one else has the same case as you.

iPhone Twins 

Miley Cyrus and Rihanna show Tupac some love with the same iPhone case. Sometimes a case with your fav celebrity on it can show off your taste in music, movies, television shows, etc. Rihanna didn’t always have this Tupac case, at one point she had a brass knuckle-ring case that was seriously intimidating and totally badass!

Kim Kardashian

Here’s a very pregnant Kim Kardashian showing off her growing belly. Does it surprise anyone that her phone case is gold? A gold phone is the epitome of luxe!

Kylie Jenner

Kim’s baby sis Kylie Jenner is someone who likes to go through new iPhone cases. It’s a good way to make it seem like you have a new phone without the hassle of buying a new phone. Here is Kylie with a fun and girly studded appliqué case with a bowtie. Sometimes you just really want an extravagant looking phone.

Ashley Benson

While other times you want something a little more sleek and chic that would fit comfortably in your pocket. Here is Pretty Little Liars star Ashley Benson with a sleek but cheeky mustache phone case.

Whitney Port

Phones usually come in your basic black and white which can seem pretty boring if you’re a very colourful person. Here is The Hills/The City star and fashionista Whitney Port not only showing off her colourful phone case but her outfit’s accessories as well. Proving that your phone can be just as vital to an outfit as a ring, bracelet, or hat.

Zooey Deschanel

Zooey Deschanel proves that you can match your accessories to your phone case. Here is the New Girl star enjoying a very floral look.

Lena Dunham

Here is another quirky actress with a quirky iPhone case. The star of Girls, Lena Dunham, shows off her homage to quirky writer and director Wes Anderson’s film Moonrise Kingdom.

Coco Rocha

Supermodel Coco Rocha looks like a super stylish orange creamsicle as she coordinates her outfit to match her orange bunny-eared phone case. These bunny-eared phone cases are really popular among the super kawaii crowd.

Sofia Vergara

Did you know Sofia Vergara is a Covergirl spokesperson? Well you do now! Here is Vergara appeasing those who cut her paycheque with a fun stylistic smeared makeup case from Covergirl.

Amanda Bynes

Things aren’t looking too great for Amanda Bynes. Her recent selfies have caught the public’s attention for the worst as everyone is guessing this former child star is spiraling out of control. Here she is munching on a Sour Patch Kid (I love them so much!) and taking a mirror selfie at the same time. If only she had a cool phone case to make this photo somewhat redeemable.

Meryl Streep & Hillary Clinton

Now this is how you take a selfie! I love this photo so much! So much! Every girl should have a poster or a photo of these two ass-kicking and successful ladies hanging in their room.

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