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Conan O’Brien Responds to Taylor Swift’s “22” Music Video

Posted on May 22, 2013 by

While Taylor Swift’s “22” has been out for a while now, late night host Conan O’Brien has uploaded his own video response to the fun music video.

O’Brien tears down the rose-coloured glasses and tells everyone what it’s really like to be 22. Spoiler alert: it doesn’t include a rad apartment but it does involve a lot of ramen noodles. A lot. To be honest, O’Brien’s description of what it’s like to be a young adult sounds more realistic than Taylor Swift’s. Then again, she’s a 23-year-old wunderkid who has lots of money to help make her 20s a little easier thanks to her a multi-platinum, award-winning records.

Watch O’Brien’s response and tweet us @ANDPOP¬†what you think about what he had to say.

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