Australian Anchorman Plants Drug Joke in Stand-In Host’s Teleprompter Script

Posted on May 16, 2013 by

Australian morning show anchor Karl Stefanovic strikes again.

The Today show host known for his bad puns, awkward interview with the Dalai Lama and making dirty jokes on air, Stefanovic pulls a prank on his colleague Roz Kelly. he was most likely channeling the movie Anchorman as he added an extra line in Kelly’s sports segment script. He somehow managed to put “how good are the [hash] cookies there” at the end of her soccer results report which Kelly obviously just had to read.

“See I read everything on the auto-queue. It’s like Anchorman,” she joked after the incident just as Stefanovic and his co-host lose it. She later followed it up with, “”Karl, you’ve won the battle. The war has just begun, though.”

Karl and Roz, I hope you both know the whole world will be waiting to see how your on-air rivalry unfolds. Make it count!

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